Metal Ion Extraction

Pumps for Metal Ion Extraction

The growth of the Lithium ion battery industry means increased demand for metals for new lithium battery production and the need for appropriate end of life management of used batteries. The metal ion extraction process for end of life management includes the reclamation of metals such as Cobalt, Lithium, Manganese, and Nickel so these metals can be reused again in new lithium ion battery production. Pulsafeeder’s Eclipse rotary gear pumps, can pump these harsh acids and metal sulfate solutions, help lithium ion extraction system manufacturers improve system uptime, reduce cost and drive out design complexity.

Hydrometallurgical process is the operation of metal recovery by physical and chemical process in liquid media. This process includes steps to safely electrically discharge batteries followed by pre-treatment steps such as grinding, magnetic separation, sieving and flotation. The metal extraction process allows the preservation of the minerals and separation of the batteries metals.


The first stage where pumps are used is referred to as Leaching. This consists of dissolving the metals by acid, oxidizing or other reducing medium. Pumps need to safely handle inorganic acids such as HCI, H2SO4 and HNO3 or organic acids like citric acid or malic acid. Gear pumps reliably handle these fluids and our pump experts help metal ion extraction OEM’s to ensure they are using the best materials of construction for acids used.


Eclipse rotary gear pumps in metal ion extraction


The last step where pumps are used in the metal recovery process is Selective Precipitation. In this recovery step the separation of valuable metals such as Cobalt, Lithium, Manganese, and Nickel is accomplished through precipitation. Eclipse Rotary gear pumps are used for transferring metal sulfate solutions and acids in and out of the reactor with adjustments in temperature and different pH levels allow these valuable metals to be separated and collected for reuse.


Combining proven design principles with patented features, our Sealless gear pumps are safe, simple, and reliable. Structurally rugged with corrosion resistant materials, Eclipse rotary pumps are an ideal fit for many corrosive liquids. From acids to bases, we cover the entire pH scale. The innovative technology behind Eclipse supports its ability to handle the most corrosive chemicals with a simple-to-service, front pull-out design. Eclipse gear pumps material offerings ensure corrosion resistance over a wide range of chemicals and process conditions.


Pulsafeeder rotary gear pumps can be configured to extend the life of critical pump components, providing greater process uptime. By matching materials of construction to each fluid type, with consideration of its viscosities and temperatures, premature failures and excessive maintenance can be avoided. Pulsafeeder Eclipse rotary gear pumps are sealless magnetically driven to eliminate mechanical seal wear and leaks associated with rotating seals. The patented bearing design promotes constant lubrication.


The sealless design of the Eclipse means cumbersome seal flushing systems are no longer required. This allows a system designer to remove one more variable in the machine as well as saving on the cost of the flushing systems itself. The sealess design ensures zero leakage ensure operator safety while fully encapsulated driven magnets offer maximum corrosion resistance.


Manufactured with high quality PVDF, PTFE and Alumina-Ceramic components and with an industrial track record of over a decade in the harshest of applications, the Eclipse; line of pumps have a reputation for high quality manufacturing. We go the extra mile to stand behind our products to make sure you stay up and running.

eclipse rotary gear pump


Designed for Simplicity

  • Fewest number of components of any external gear pump on the market 
  • Simplified ordering and inventory with fewer parts
  • Self-aligning parts and piloted fits ensure proper assembly every time

Magnetically Driven Sealless Design

  • Eliminates costly seal flush systems required for double mechanical seals
  • Patented drive shaft spline design optimizes magnet alignment on shaft
  • Fully encapsulated driven magnets offer maximum corrosion resistance
  • Sealless design ensures zero leakage

Renewable Performance

  • Patented housing liner protects the housing from wear
  • Easy maintenance KOPkit® (Keep On Pumping kit) saves time and money
  • Regain like new performance flow with a KOPkit®

Universal Flanges

  • Standard housings mate to both ANSI and DIN flange connections
  • PTFE or Viton® inserts act as a gasket and can be reused or replaced to ensure a proper seal (Non-metallic only)

Heavy Duty Bearings & Tolerance O-Ring

  • Minimal gear and shaft wear with large surface area bearings
  • Patented drive shaft spline design optimizes magnet alignment on shaft
  • Tolerance O-ring maintains proper internal operating clearances

Universal Motor Adaptor

  • Easily couple with many NEMA and IEC motor frame sizes
  • Quickly install or retrofit to different motor frame sizes

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