Case Studies

Click on the stories below to learn more about how Pulsafeeder distributors, OEM partners, and customers are deploying Pulsafeeder’s technology to address chemical feed and water treatment applications. 

Pulsafeeder Case Studies

Eclipse rotary gear pump chemical dosing of sodium hypochlorite in municipal wastewater facility case study, Flo-Line & Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility

Eclipse rotary gear pumps reduces disruptions in waste water disinfection process, Valley Tech, Inc. & Middlesex Water Company Highland Park, N.J.

Eclipse rotary gear pumps to avoid unplanned outages in water treatment in the City of Escondido Water Treatment Plant, California

Eclipse rotary gear pumps used in wastewater treatment disinfection pumping sodium hypochlorite, Siewert Equipment & VanLare Wastewater Treatment Facility Rochester, N.Y.

PulsaPro hydraulic diaphragm pumping high solid content slurry at Burnett Lime Co. Inc, Campobello, SC

Rotary gear pumps reduces downtime in botanical extraction process, TruSteel LLC, California