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Pulsafeeder’s engineered hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pumps  are designed for the demanding environments found in the oil and gas industry and comply with API 675. They are suited for extracting and refining applications.

Our pumps are highly specifiable in this industry.

Typical extracting and refining applications:

  • Metering additives for bacteria control of water for well flooding
  • Chemical desalting of crude (crude oil emulsions)
  • Metering caustics to adjust pH of sour gas or crude oil to cut down on corrosion
  • Methanol injection for control of separation, foaming, scale and  corrosion
  • Separate emulsions to reduce corrosion during refining process
  • Sampling feed stock, jet fuels, gasoline, and intermediates for analysis
  • Rationing antifoam, E.P. additives to lubricants
  • Metering antiknock additives and alcohol to gasoline
  • Adding lubricants to gas lines
  • Metering odorants
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Gasoline color additives